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Xargh! Welcome to Team CaC *drumroll* The Homepage. Xargh. It is ownzorz'd by Burninating_Torchic and PenguinMaster. We>you. We>This site. Does that mean you = this site? No, it just means we > all. And for you n00bs out there, > means own. Rawr. Anyways, yeah. News updates are daily if possible. Also be sure to check out our forums!




Somewhat Daily Update/BT And Pengy Chat


We don't update much. But don't worry, we haven't forgotten you. Wait, yes we have. The only reason I am here is becuz we have a new BT/Pengy chat.



Wow. we're getting really lax on updating... maybe because we're very busy with a certain project... the most exciting thing that has happened in the last week:


Yes, it's true! It is Gardevoir. The secret revieled. That's really it, other than the accumulating amount of BT/Pengy chat, which will soon have to be archived =/. Anyway, until next time, go to the forums! There's a new featured CaC topic, btw.


Oh, and Worlds is in San Diego, incase you didn't know -_-



Sorry for lack of updates...I made a fanfic on PokeGym ^^



Hm...well, news I guess, Lorak got AIM...



Yes! It's working again! *Stabs the temporary update thing*

Anyways, we have the best news yet, again...pengy is apparently ungrounded from the, that's not the news...I WON A CITY CHAMPIONSHIPS! RAWR! Woot woot, yeeah.



Gasp, we didnt update for 3 days! OHNOS! Anyways, thats prolly cuz School started again, UGH. Hopefully it'll be a snow day/freezing rain cut the power day tomorrow, as is predicted...ya gotta love Michigan weather.



Another day, another news update. Not much to say except... XARGH! WHY IS NOBODY POSTING ON THE FORUMS! That's really the most exciting part of the site now =/. Especially because nothing has happened today. Not even some new fake cards. Gah, hopefully there will be some new stuff in the future. I have two essays I need to finish... erm... start... that are due the fourth, and it looks like they're both being written tomorrow -______-. That's really it, so have fun doing whatever it is you do when you aren't here.



HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! No, I'm not kidding. Happy New Year. I'm seriously not kidding.  Anyways... the most exciting news ever: I FINALLY installed Photoshop CS. Yes, the newest version. That means the few decent image fakes I've made will be redone so they don't look crappy -_-. In other news... The Gym is back up! Finally. Me and BT have linked this site in our sigs, and all of the Team CaC members have recieved a PM about the site and forums. You can go to the PokÃÃĠ’Æ’ÃÃÆ’¢â‚¬ ’ÃÃĠ’ÃÆ’Æ’¢ÃÆ’¢â€šÂ¬ÃÆ’…¡ÃƒƒÆ’ÃÆ’¢â‚¬Å¡ÃÆ’Æ’‚ÃÆ’‚©gym with the link over there ---------------------------------------------------------------->

Nothin else new here, still need members for our forum, and we only have 2 days of free banner-less hosting left. Heheheh. If you'd like to make a small donation to keep us free of those annoying ads, please feel free to e-mail me at And to close this news article... We will be putting up the link to the place where you can buy the TEAM CAC T-SHIRT!!! Yeehaw. The end. Until I feel like speaking to you again,



Xargh. It's me. Who else says xargh -_-. Guess what? You get real news today! First, you will notice on the left bar that there is now a link to the Photo Page. All that's there at the moment is image fakes (and some fillers), but we may put up other interesting things (CC footage, tourneys, me finally finding a working Photoshop 7 serial number, etc.). Second, we welcome TylerM, the newest member of Team CaC (who still hasn't joined the forums ;x)! You can see one of his image fakes (Registeel) on the photo page. Sigh, it must be nice to have a decent graphics editing program. Another great thing is that the PokéGym is back up tomorrow, which means more sig advertising for us! Yay! It's also pretty cool that it's New Years Eve, which basically means I get to stay up until whenever, eat, get drunk on Root Beer, and watch Kung Pow! Hooray. Well, that's about it for today. I hope you enjoyed your first real little news thingy. Until tomorrow or until the forum has 10,000 members, whichever comes first, browse around and have fun! Maybe I'll clear out some of the really old chat logs =/



BOOGAH BOOGAH. Yeah, if you think I'm PenguinMaster, you're...............................WRONG! I mean seriously, who else would say BOOGAH BOOGAH other then me, BT. Anyways, I was at a tournament all day yesterday(got my Kin Island Badge, both of the season's POP Packs, Premier Trainer, and Hypno Sticker all in the first league session! Booyah!) Anyways, 8 members now, KEEP JOINING OR I WILL CRUSH THY BONESITH TO MAKITH MY CRUMPETS. ITH. No News, huzzabubahwa. New BT and Pengy Chat ;x ;x ;x



Well, there isn't much much going on before the end of the year. PokeGym is down, and our forum has 6 members (woot, go join), so there isn't much CaC-ing going on. Hopefully, things will get more exciting with the come of 2005. So, this little news bit is really just to take up space, lol. Well, until the next daily news/piece of BT and Pengy Chat (he hasn't been on all day, so no new ones), have a fun time at the forums! *hint hint* 



Uh..yeah. We have 5 friggin members on our forum, 4 of which are mods or higher -____-. Join our forum, people! As for the site in general...we have more bits of BT and Pengy Chat ^^.



Yahoo! Page creatified! Woot. Yeah, so here's our first news bit. Um...No News is good news? Yeah, there isn't exactly any news to report, heh.


Bits & peices of BT AND PENGY CHAT!:

burninatetorchic: OR ELSE I WILL CURSE YOU
burninatetorchic: *sigh*, I've been playing too much Paper Mario
PenguinMajesty: i shall live in fear


burninatetorchic: ===|: )
burninatetorchic: its a dude with a hat
PenguinMajesty: rofl
burninatetorchic: like abraham lincon
burninatetorchic: or that fourth of july dude
PenguinMajesty: uncle damn?
PenguinMajesty: *sam?
burninatetorchic: YES!
burninatetorchic: UNCLE DAMN!


burninatetorchic: must...make...quick...getaway...CLOAK OF TELEPORTATION
burninatetorchic: *fwoosh* I'm somewhere else now
PenguinMajesty: lol
PenguinMajesty: o....k...
burninatetorchic: really
PenguinMajesty: somewhere with a computer
burninatetorchic: I might be on santurn
burninatetorchic: or in the north pole
burninatetorchic: or in your bathroom
PenguinMajesty: IN the north pole???
burninatetorchic: yeah, you better go check there
PenguinMajesty: no you aren't there
burninatetorchic: in your bathroom
PenguinMajesty: i just came out of there
burninatetorchic: you better go check
burninatetorchic: I used the cloak AFTER you came out tho
burninatetorchic: so I could be in there
PenguinMajesty: xargh! you're in my bathroom! And you're BROWN!!!!!!
PenguinMajesty: oh wait
PenguinMajesty: thats my cat, nvm
burninatetorchic: no, I was brown yesterday
PenguinMajesty: a tricky one you are
burninatetorchic: today I'm purple and green
burninatetorchic: and fuzzy
burninatetorchic: like one of those grandma sweaters
PenguinMajesty: erm... sure

burninatetorchic: yknow what else is purple and green
burninatetorchic: and maneating
burninatetorchic: and thinks hes fuzzy
burninatetorchic: BARNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
PenguinMajesty: 11111
burninatetorchic: 1100011010101010101010001011010100
burninatetorchic: there is no spoon
burninatetorchic: your life is a lie
burninatetorchic: the spoon was all you had
PenguinMajesty: xargh on me
burninatetorchic: give into my spoon sucking powers
burninatetorchic: and be eaten by the evil purple and green dinosaur
burninatetorchic: ....of DOOM!


burninatetorchic: ...
burninatetorchic: ...
burninatetorchic: ...
PenguinMajesty: rofl
burninatetorchic: if you can guess what comedian thats from
burninatetorchic: you win something
PenguinMajesty: dunt no
burninatetorchic: neither do I
burninatetorchic: but you win anyways
burninatetorchic: your prize is...
burninatetorchic: *hands you an oddly familiar-colored purple and green box*
PenguinMajesty: heheheh
PenguinMajesty: BARNY FLESH!!!! YUMMY!!!!!!!!
burninatetorchic: *the box pops open and forms into the shape of a dinosaur*
burninatetorchic: *barney eats you*
PenguinMajesty: damnations
burninatetorchic: *the dying music from the original super mario plays*
PenguinMajesty: lol
burninatetorchic: *it gets louder*
burninatetorchic: *then it stops*
burninatetorchic: *it's hammer time*
burninatetorchic: *duh nuh nuh nuh, nuh nuh, nuh nuh CANT TOUCH THIS*
burninatetorchic: *MC Hammer pops out of the box*
burninatetorchic: *and hits barney with his ego*
burninatetorchic: *barney has no ego, let alone one strong enough to withstand it*
burninatetorchic: *barney dies*
PenguinMajesty: lol... beware his song about big butts... he beats you up while he plays it!
burninatetorchic: *You got saved by MC Hammer!*
burninatetorchic: *new pokemon music(FRLG) plays*
PenguinMajesty: you win a cookie if you can tell me who said that
burninatetorchic: doo, doo, doo, doo doo doo doo doo doo doooooooooooooo
burninatetorchic: who said it....I KNOW IVE HEARD IT BEFORE
PenguinMajesty: weeoweeowee!
burninatetorchic: how about...THE VERY COOKIE YOU WERE PREPARED TO GIVE ME? o.O!
PenguinMajesty: -____________________-
burninatetorchic: what
burninatetorchic: it coulda been
burninatetorchic: cookies can be tricky sometimes
burninatetorchic: sneaking out
PenguinMajesty: not this time
burninatetorchic: so that you blame someone
burninatetorchic: for stealing the cookie from the cookie jar
burninatetorchic: Person1:"Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar!"
Person2:"Who me? couldn't be!"
Cookie: "Crap, theyre onto me! RUN!"


PenguinMajesty: *really happy smiley*-|---------------|>
burninatetorchic: hehe
burninatetorchic: he musta stabbed someone
PenguinMajesty: *angel smiley*-|----------|>
burninatetorchic: heaven
PenguinMajesty: *mad smiley*-|-------|>
burninatetorchic: but the angels got mad at him for stabbin someone
burninatetorchic: so he was mad at the angels
PenguinMajesty: *sticking tongue out smiley*-|---------|>
"haha, I have a sword and you don't!"
burninatetorchic: the angels got pissed at this attitude
burninatetorchic: and sent him to hell
PenguinMajesty: *embarrased smiley*--|---------|>
burninatetorchic: he was embarrased that he was going to hell
PenguinMajesty: *happy smiley*>->->|)-->
"now i have a bow and arrow!!!"
PenguinMajesty: *lovey smiley*>>>|)-->
burninatetorchic: wait
burninatetorchic: I have a response to the bow and arrow

^   ^  ^^
(*_*) |
   ||   |
--||--| ^
   ||     |
   ||     |
  |  |
  |  | Satan was pleased with this guy's violent attitude
burninatetorchic: so the guy fell in love with satan
burninatetorchic: oh yeah, whos a good storyteller
burninatetorchic: I am!
PenguinMajesty: "satan is sexxxy"
burninatetorchic: yes, and now the whole world will know you think that


burninatetorchic: die and burn, MP6.
burninatetorchic: burn like the burnable CD you are.
burninatetorchic: wait, thats it
burninatetorchic: I'll make a massive filesharing program
burninatetorchic: that lets you upload gamecube games onto your computer
burninatetorchic: then give them to ppl
burninatetorchic: to play on a gamecube simulator
burninatetorchic: wait, thats what a ROM is...


burninatetorchic: yknow what would rock
PenguinMajesty: wa
burninatetorchic: if PokeGym comes back "next year" with images allowed
PenguinMajesty: t'would be cool
burninatetorchic: but that's like against PokeMom's religion
PenguinMajesty: rofl
burninatetorchic: she's like...a member of the "Makeith Yourith Lifeith Miserableithians"
PenguinMajesty: Terrorizeth Ye Childreneth
burninatetorchic: puahahahahaith


PenguinMajesty: I also uploaded the english leet aipom image into the file manager
burninatetorchic: huzzah wha?
burninatetorchic: file manager...whatawhatawhowho?
PenguinMajesty: where you store all the crap like index.html, your image fakes, etc
burninatetorchic: must see this so called elif reganam


PenguinMajesty: omg, mysterious fossil w/ a TM owns shedinja sp
burninatetorchic: OMG YOU ARE SO RIGHT
burninatetorchic: THATS AWESOME
PenguinMajesty: yeah you can
burninatetorchic: It doesn't have aqua or magma in it's name
burninatetorchic: and it's none of the types
PenguinMajesty: true...
burninatetorchic: so no TMs in existence can be attached to it
PenguinMajesty: there were those mystery plates
PenguinMajesty: I attached those to my Claw Fossil
burninatetorchic: that would own
PenguinMajesty: I'm gonna make Fossil Cube 01 for my new 38 card set
burninatetorchic: and also those ones that looked like blitzballs
burninatetorchic: that were also in the e-block
PenguinMajesty: oh yeah, i remember those
PenguinMajesty: I pwned so much stuff with tm'd claw fossils
burninatetorchic: I remember some dude at nats
burninatetorchic: played aqua's Manectric/SHARPEDO(?!?!)/SEVIPER(?!?!) with the L/W/G blitzball


PenguinMajesty: if the site wants to look real official, you should put legal stuff and copyright on the page!
burninatetorchic: XD
burninatetorchic: wait, if the site wants
burninatetorchic: how should I know what it wants
burninatetorchic: I dont have a +10/+10 in speaking to inanimate objects!
PenguinMajesty: . . .
burninatetorchic:'s +9.5/+9.5...
PenguinMajesty: lol


PenguinMajesty: dammit,  just ripped a tooth out
burninatetorchic: LOL
PenguinMajesty: eeewww blood
burninatetorchic: whatd you expect
burninatetorchic: cotton candy?
PenguinMajesty: yes.
burninatetorchic: I'll do todays update...
burninatetorchic: with that as a quote :P
PenguinMajesty: lol
burninatetorchic: damn, whenever I go to freeservers
burninatetorchic: the i-net closes
burninatetorchic: -_-
PenguinMajesty: rofl
PenguinMajesty: OHGODDAMMIT!!!
burninatetorchic: ?
PenguinMajesty: the tooth isn't totally out yet, so im trying to twist it loose -_-
burninatetorchic: lol
PenguinMajesty: AHHHHg hgohilhb uhilhbilbugibglvi.lvh.cgo/ipkb0'g98c78x8c986vc6vcco9v08bv ufc t
PenguinMajesty: got it
burninatetorchic: whagawho?
burninatetorchic: oh
PenguinMajesty: gotawaga
burninatetorchic: all your tooth are belong to us


burninatetorchic: hm, do you think we should put booka in the image gallery?
PenguinMajesty: yes
burninatetorchic: ok, I will after update
PenguinMajesty: an extension to OMG series
burninatetorchic: lol
PenguinMajesty: btw, did you notice that booka was number WTF-455?
burninatetorchic: yeah
burninatetorchic: 455?
burninatetorchic: :P
PenguinMajesty: lol
burninatetorchic: ass in 1337!
burninatetorchic: XD


burninatetorchic: dude
burninatetorchic: if theres no snow days in florida
burninatetorchic: what do you guys have, extreme sunburn days?
PenguinMajesty: yes...
burninatetorchic: awesome
PenguinMajesty: thata everyday tho
burninatetorchic: but no off school for it?
burninatetorchic: that sucks, thats why you should come to michigan
burninatetorchic: we might have a "freezing rain cut the power" day tomorrow
burninatetorchic: ^^


burninatetorchic: I wasnt here at all yesterday
burninatetorchic: busy winning a CC ;x
burninatetorchic: and then he hasnt been on today
PenguinMajesty: LAUGH MY ASSSSSSSSSSS OFF, must be nice to have CCs near you -_________________________________________-
burninatetorchic: my champion medal is soo blingbling
PenguinMajesty: 'tis
PenguinMajesty: and all I got out of MY trip was some hott shiney sleeves
burninatetorchic: it has the location imprinted on it :P


burninatetorchic: woah, so ICQ usernames are just user numbers
burninatetorchic: DUDE
burninatetorchic: ICQ is trying to take over the world
burninatetorchic: you see it in movies
burninatetorchic: where some world ruler makes ppl have numbers instead of names
burninatetorchic: live in phear


PenguinMajesty: there be a strange lot of noobs posting in the cac section
burninatetorchic: heh, yeah
burninatetorchic: like I said
burninatetorchic: APT hired em
burninatetorchic: so he wouldnt be the biggest n00b
burninatetorchic: and so begins the reign of APT...
PenguinMajesty: O_O
PenguinMajesty: X_;
burninatetorchic: he's using them as a footstep
burninatetorchic: to eventually become the best CaCer
PenguinMajesty: //_//
burninatetorchic: man, he hates my APT best CaCer conspiracy theory
PenguinMajesty: lol, I wonder why
PenguinMajesty: uknow the funy thing tho?
burninatetorchic: ?
PenguinMajesty: they aren't meganoobs like that shiftry is kewl guy
burninatetorchic: some of em are
burninatetorchic: some of em are even more then him
burninatetorchic: "absol is now sleeping"
PenguinMajesty: lol
burninatetorchic: "all attacks from fire pokemon do zero damage and no effects to charizard"
burninatetorchic: etc
PenguinMajesty: fhqwhgads
burninatetorchic: yeah
burninatetorchic: and that other n00b
PenguinMajesty: come on fhqwhgads, I said come on fhqwhgads
PenguinMajesty: everybody to the limit
PenguinMajesty: AND NO EFFECTS!!!!!!!ONE111!1!


burninatetorchic: need ta tell him that when he gets on
PenguinMajesty: I'm guessing hes a noob...
burninatetorchic: I should PM him
burninatetorchic: n00bn00bn00bn00bn00bn00bn00bn00bn00bn00bn00bn00bn00bn00bn00bn00bn00bn00bn00bn00bn00bn00bn00bn00bn00bn00bn00bn00bn00bn00bn00bn00bn00bn00bn00bn00bn00bn00bn00bn00bn00bn00b
PenguinMajesty: ROFL
burninatetorchic: knowing him he'll prolly be like
burninatetorchic: whats a 0bn0
PenguinMajesty: wat a obn0 dood, wha u talkin bout
PenguinMajesty: woh, this strong stuffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
burninatetorchic: yeah totally 0bno0
PenguinMajesty: EFEFEFEFEF
burninatetorchic: new word
burninatetorchic: 0bn0-A n00b that has lost it's last hope of not being a n00b


burninatetorchic: have you noticed that n00bs' names keep getting worse and worse?
burninatetorchic: "Tommy's Back"
burninatetorchic: "yameyugi6"
burninatetorchic: AT LEAST SPELL IT RIGHT
PenguinMajesty: doubleyou tee aych.
PenguinMajesty: it should be YamiYugi666
burninatetorchic: trutrutruman
PenguinMajesty: or 455
burninatetorchic: wait, HE DOESNT DESERVE 3 NUMBERS
PenguinMajesty: lol
burninatetorchic: wait, dark sealeo's number in the set is ass in leet...
burninatetorchic: maybe thats why he's our prerelease card
burninatetorchic: XD
PenguinMajesty: LMGDMFPSSAAO


Vir77777: I have awesome powers of persuazion whenst I have a 22 millimeter
Vir77777: NO, not 2.2, 22
burninatetorchic: millimeter what
burninatetorchic: shot gun?
burninatetorchic: that would own
Vir77777: hells yeah
burninatetorchic: BAM!
burninatetorchic: *SHOOTS YOUR HEAD OFF*
Vir77777: MASTER, GIVE UP YOUR SOUL!!!!!111
burninatetorchic: one
burninatetorchic: All Your Base Are Belong To Us
Vir77777: oneoneone
burninatetorchic: You Have No Chance To Survive Make Your Time
burninatetorchic: Hahaha
burninatetorchic: oh, on our forums
burninatetorchic: check out my response to the rattata thread
Vir77777: CUZ IM A COWBOY STEVIE WONDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Vir77777: ultimatedra

Joined: Nov 2003
Location: Utah  I Am Currently Testing A DX Shiftry Deck. Currently It Conists Of Shiftry*Duh*,Castfor to get the stadium out,and rain castform for draw. and of course Pidgeot

Vir77777: stupid noob
Vir77777: burn and die
Vir77777: with regisex
Vir77777: and michael jackson
Vir77777: in neverland ranch
Vir77777: aka HELL
burninatetorchic: woohoo
Vir77777: rawr
burninatetorchic: multiple deck innuendo
Vir77777: to da ³


burninatetorchic: (*_*)--|---***---***>
Vir77777: 3.1415ET777D77777777'`'`'`'`'`'``'`'`'`'*
Vir77777: hitlet?
Vir77777: lol
burninatetorchic: STFU
burninatetorchic: ITS LIKE HAMLET
burninatetorchic: EXCEPT MORE GERMAN


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Gym Leader Marx (not really a member, but our mascot =P)


There's prolly others that I forgot ^^

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