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Fake Cards!

These are some of BT and Pengy's Fake cards. Ok, mostly BT's ;x All of those non-card images are, you guessed it, FILLERS!

Shiny Zangoose

Leet Aipom! In English!

Team Aqua's...GROUDON?!

Team Magma's....KYOGRE?!

Team Rocket's...RAYQUAZA?!

First Made Card of EX: Rocket's Master Plan

Requested by EXGardevoir

I went off the Deep End X_X

I lost the better version of it X_X

As requested by...One of my local tourney judge's Kids?!

Requested by mystereeman101

Requested by...mystereeman101's brother o.O

Requested by mystereeman101's brother. Again.

Requested by...the same guy as Flareon and Jolteon -_-

Part 1 of BT and Pengy's 2 Card OMG series

Part 2 of BT and Pengy's 2 Part OMG Series

All cards with that set symbol are made by Pengy

Supposedly made by our newest member, TylerM

Leet 1337!

Shiney Wynaut, the secret card in me set ^^

As referenced in Magik Bass the Noodle King

Requested by My(BT's) Sister

Requested by the Judge's other kid, 6 yrs Old...

Requested by the same 6 yr old as the celebi X_X

Shiny Latias is teh best dragon shiny ever.